YouTube... Ah! o YouTube! Cada preciosidade...
Migomeu me mandou esta, dizendo que lembrou de Tobias
pois ele acha que Bibi tem the looks and the goods para engatar na profissão.
Será? Rsrs... Será?
Espiem só...

- OK... I think he's down here. Check this out... you're not gonna believe this!
- Closer!
- Hey, Mystical Cat! I need you do something for me...
- Cross my palms with tuna.
- But I haven't got any!
- Damn!
- But I'll give you a treat if you can help me...
- Hell... weeell... all right!
- I want you to channel a spirit.
- All right! Whose spirit?
- The mouse you killed last night.
- Oh... Mouse! Mouse! Mouse! Twek? Twek? Tweeeek? Yaaaawn!!!
- Are you even concentrating?
- Yes, I am! Mouse! Mouse! Make your presence known, now!
- Nothing is happening.
- Silence!
- I think you're just faking it for a treat!
- Treat! Yahm... Mouse! Mouse! Snif... Snif... Treat!
- Hum... Ok, you're not gonna get the treat untill I see this mouse!
- Hunf!
- Ok?!
- Mouse! Coome ooon... ahm...
[a Truck passes by...]
- It's just a truck.
- Yes... Mouse! Treat! Treat!
- Ok!
- Treeeeat!
- This doesn't get us anywhere!
- Mouse!
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