Humm... fim-de-semana sem compromissos e carregaaaado de preguiça. Resultado?? Mutação genética de Sora em uma 'couch potato'.Vi e re-vi vários filmes na TV. Pra quem me conhece, sabe que isso não é nada de mais. Me considero CINÉFILA amadora-quase-pro. E um cinéfilo profissional vê e re-vê de um tudo. Tá certo que eu não re-vejo TUDO. Só os que eu realmente amo. Aí a lista é looooonga... "Dirty Dancing", "Pretty Woman", "Matrix", "The Specialist" e por aí vai...

Um dos que re-vi este FDS foi "O Espelho tem Duas Faces" [The Mirror Has Two Faces]. Adoro a Barbra (a íntima!)! E o filme é uma delícia. Fala sobre as duas faces do amor... do sexo (sem sentimento) e do sentimento (sem sexo!). Entendeu não? Então veja o filme... vale a pena! Essa cena que eu reproduzo aí (qualquer erro me perdoem, eu tirei de ouvido dentro do cinema), mostra um monólogo bem sacado da pesonagem de Barbra no filme.

[Rose Morgan's (Barbra Streisand) class scene]

"…This is the scene of my sister's wedding, right? There she is... getting drunk, regretting she got married for the 3rd time, mind you! My mother was so jealous, she is sprouting snakes from her hair... And I say: "This is perfect!" We've got 3 feminine archetypes: the divine whore, medusa and Me. Who am I? What archetype? The faithful handmaiden! Always the Bride’s maid, never the Bride!

It does prove, however, what Jung said all along, that myths and archetypes are alive, and well, and living in my apartment! As I stood at the althar besides my sister and her husband-to-be, it strucked me that, this ritual called 'a wedding ceremony', is really just the final scene of a fairy tale. They never tell you what happens after. They never tell you that Cinderella drove the Prince crazy with her obsessive need to clean the castle, cause she missed her day job! They don’t tell you what happens after, because… there is no after! The 'beyond' and the 'end' of romantic love was… marriage! But it wasn’t always like that.

Around 12th Century there was a notion known as 'courtly love', where love had nothing to do with marriage and nothing to do with sex. In most cases it was defined as a passionate relationship between a Knight and a Lady of the court, who is already married. An so they could never consummate their love. In this way they would have to rise above your ordinary, you know… "going-to-the-bathroom-in-front-of-each-other" kind of love, and they would go after something more divine. They took sex out of the equation! And what was left was the union of souls.

I think of this … Sex was always the faithful love potion. Look at the literature of the time: Lancelot and Guineviere, Tristan and Isold, all consummation could lead only to madness, despair or death. Critical experts, scholars and my aunt Esther are united in the belief that the true love has spiritual dimensions. While romantic love is nothing but a lie, an illusion, a modern myth, a soulless manipulation.

Speaking of manipulation… It’s like... going to the movies and we see the lovers on the screen kiss and the music swells and we buy it, right? So when my date takes me home, and kisses me goodnight, and if I don’t hear the Philharmonic in my head, I dump him! Now, the question is... Why do we buy it? We buy it because, whether it’s a myth or a manipulation, let’s face it… we all want to fall in love, right?! Why? Because that experience makes us feel completely alive! Where every sense is heightened and the emotion is magnified, everyday reality is shuttered and flung into the heavens! It may only last a moment, an hour, an afternoon, but that doesn’t diminish its value! Because we are left with memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

I read an article, while ago, that said when we fall in love we hear Puccini in our heads. I love that! I think it’s because its music fully expresses our longing for passion in our lives and romantic love. While we listening to La Bohéme, or Torindor, or reading Wuthering Heights, or watching Casablanca, a little bit of that love lives in us too.

So, the final question is… Why do people want to fall in love, when it can have such a short shuffle life and be devastatingly painful? What do you think?... I think it’s because, as some of you already may know, while it does last… it feels fucking great!"

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Falou e disse!!
Esse foi um dos filmes que ela dirigiu, não foi?!??
Eu adoro tb!
Barbra realmente sabe das coisas...