GRIEVING that journey of dying, you see many things.
But all issues should be passed.
Because, at least, I was to be a witness. A helper.
And that's the thing, I think, is most important about death...
The ability for us to be witnesses and witnessed.
To be there in that very moment.
Not only for our births of coming in, but going out.
And that I had. Both.
I've lost a dear one. He's gone.
But I truly hope there's a birth someplace else.
And although it hurts, and still aches,
I'm sure there'll be a blessing from that experience

Adaptado do trecho final do filme "Northfork", por e para mim.

3 Pitacos:

Ana Silvia disse...

Órfã de mãe, sem útero para gerir,
perde o único gato que quis criar,
no final de semana do Dia das Mães.

Mano disse...

Fazia algum tempo que não lia teu blog, gostei muito da repaginada, tanto de layout quanto do conteúdo.
Grande beijo,

Sora Soralina disse...

It's great to have you back!
E volte sempre!
Sdds de tu!
Vamos combinar alguma coisinha de novo?